BLOG 3: Manifesting My…ummmm Dream???

Blog 3  April 19 2018

“Manifesting my, ummm – Dream??”

Our Face to Face Introduction was the morning of Aug 23 2013.  When we arrived at the foster farm,  Rhett, who had another name,  just had a bath and was squeaky clean.  We met while he was standing in crossties.   He looked right at me and said ‘’Are you the one that’s here for me?”  (It still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.)  I looked around at the other girls, looked at Rhett and said , “??MEEE?”  “Well of course you, goofy,  you’re the one who has been talking to me – ALL the time I might add !” he said.

What?  This didn’t really look like the horse in my dreams.  I mean, he kinda looked like him,  but this horse seemed cool, cocky and dominant feeling …not my dream horse that was ‘kind, people friendly, I’ll do anything you want of me’ !

Ok, let’s hear the story of the horse from his foster.  She had him about 7 months and it was time for him to move along to his forever home.  Oh wait, I almost forgot an important part of how this all started in my dreams.  I knew she was fostering him for the Lipizzan Rescue Foundation.  Lipizzan?  Like the White Stallions that performed all over the world Lipizzan?  Ok, maybe he was closer to the horse in my dreams that he looked. I did dream of airs above the ground and defeating the bull!   “Lippizzan and what?” I asked.  “Reportedly, Andalusian.”   Excuse me, did you say Lipizzan x Andalusian?   Hello Universe, I think you’ve got the right match here.      Andalusian/grey – Lipizzan/white equals  Lipizzan – Airs above the ground  +  Andalusian – Bullfighting = My Dream Horse!  My dream is in front of me in a set of crossties!  An Iberian that is magnificent to behold, an Iberian that has both the breeds I desire (Life Lesson) and an Iberian that moves…well, he was in crossties so I hadn’t seen him move but I had high hopes!  Cause he was my dream horse!

“Wait, let’s chat about the rescue label.  What’s the story?” I asked.  Long story short is not much is known about Rhett from his birth until he became a ward of a northern state at

about 4 years old.   Seems he had a pretty hard beginning, experiencing neglect from about 2 to 4 years old, and then little consistency in his handling including trainers, owners and fosters…from about 4 to 7 years old.


He wasn’t allowed in with other horses because of his food aggression.  “So, are there any specific challenges you have seen with him?” I asked.  “Yes, anything around his hind end and hind legs can cause a serious problem.  Ropes that touch him while he’s standing still he’s OK with, but in movement or if he comes across a rope laying on the ground, he will either jump it , pull away from it.  And he can be over reactive to things.”

 Click to watch 3 min video first time of my moving                                   Rhett around:  Karen and Darly Aug 23 2013



As I watched Rhett moving around I thought to myself, “Horse, you are clearly in ‘pain’, are you in physical, mental, emotional pain or all three?”  Well, it doesn’t matter which one, all those are simple enough to ‘fix’ with all my horse experience so I’m covered there. (Learning and Language Lesson on Ego).  I looked at Rhett again and he stated emphatically,  You are the one that will help me heal.”  “OK, whatever you say cupcake,  you aren’t really looking like MY dream horse at the moment” I said.  (Life Lesson)

I could see how scared of ropes on the ground he was, terrified actually.  He was kinda scared of them on his body with any energy or he’d just go inside himself. I was told he had never been successfully ridden and possibly never successfully saddled.  UUUMMMMM???  Were these cautions I should heed?  I couldn’t get away from his imminent stare, the one that kept asking me, no – telling me, that I was the ‘one’! “You are the one!”

Last day with Rhett, I waved goodbye to the FL friends headed home and went alone to visit with him.  His foster was at work so we were by ourselves.  What I found was a skeptical but curious horse and an unconfident but physically cared for horse.  But when it came down to it, standing in front of me was a  scared, tense and worried horse.   When he came to a rope on the ground I had placed there, I saw and felt a horse that was ‘mad and angry at the world’.  A horse that needed ‘healing’ in a way I’d never seen or felt.  It was a ‘healing’ of a spirit, of a soul, of a living breathing creature of The Universe. I truly had no idea what impact this horse would make on my life either.  (Life Lesson)

“You are the one who will help me heal”.

Who was I?? Who was I to support ‘healing’ this horse?   Who was I??   It was at that moment that our hearts connected~  “Connected Hearts” (Language  Lesson)

Do you see your ‘lesson’ in this story  so far?

Next:  “The Application and the Eight Week Wait…”

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