BLOG 5 My Angels in Blue Jeans….isn’t that a country song???

Blog 5  May 3 2018     

Seriously Rhett??  It’s not like I’m trying to make you get into something like this!                                     

                                       or even THis!!  

                But THIS for gosh-darn sakes —  Just sayin’ !




“That 2 day trip from Georgia to Tennessee to pick up Rhett, The Magical White Dancing Stallion, was slowly turning into 5 days on the road, with nearly 3 days of attempted trailer loading.  None of what I knew to do by myself  was going to get Rhett into and staying in the trailer.  Who is going to help me?”

“I AM,  as you find “the ‘Space’ between the conversations”, Rhett whispered.

~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~


Pretty pretty pretty please Rhett, just get in the trailer and let’s go home – Oct 11 2013 .  “No… I don’t know you, I don’t like your ‘tone’ and I’m never getting in a ‘cave on wheels’ again!” Rhett said angrily over and over.

I arrived on Oct 8 2013 and had dinner that night with friends.  I was feeling unsettled and unsure of myself and my knowledge, abilities and experience.  I contacted an animal communicator friend to see if Rhett would open up to her and share his thoughts and feelings on this beginning of our ‘journey’ and allow her to tell him of my plans.  He already knew my plans !

His news to her wasn’t great (in my opinion) about his past, his current and his future scenarios in regards to a trailer .  My sleep that night began restlessly and fraught with growing anxiety on my part.  Since Rhett and I had “Connected Hearts”, he was feeling everything I was feeling, just several miles away.  Bless our hearts! (Language Lesson)

As I drifted away into sleep, a beginning feeling of security fell over me.  


The next morning when I got to the barn, I might have looked calm and confident on the outside but I was a bundle of nerves and anxiety on the inside.  He. Knew. It.  Remember that ‘expectations and assumptions’ path I went blindly down?  It was here to bite me in the ass!

That 2 day trip from Georgia to Tennessee to pick up Rhett was slowly turning into 5 days on the road, with nearly 3 days of attempted trailer loading.  None of what I knew to do by myself  was going to get Rhett into and staying in the trailer.  Who is going to help me with this scenario?  

“I AM,  as you find “the ‘space’ between the conversations… that is where the lesson is, Karen, the ‘space’ between the conversations, Rhett said.” (Learning Lesson)

The next 2 days were 6-7 hour loading sessions each day, with a short break for lunch.  There was kicking out, rearing, flying backwards and laying down as his answer to getting in the trailer. We added alternative modalities with essential oils and homeopathics to  support both our emotional and mental  issues around trailer loading. I did lots of energy work on both us.  These two videos were made within 5 minutes of each other.

Click here to watch : Rhett says he can’t do it   

Click here to watch: Rhett Does It

That 2nd night, going into the 3rd day in TN trying to get home, was spent with me pulling out all the stops of my animal communication abilities, energy work and my instinct/gut. I allowed my own best talents to reveal themselves in their own best ways for our higher good.  I arrived that 3rd morning armed with new information that I had been shown the night before.  We were making great progress and about 2 hrs into our loading by myself, my ANGELS in Blue Jeans showed up.  I still can’t thank them enough!!


Four friends from a clinic going on nearby took their lunch hour to come help me.  Just what I needed to regain my ‘juju’ and be there for support loading him. (Learning Lesson)

Chaos turned into ORDER!  Time taken once they arrived, 1 hr 36 minutes!! Compared to 14+ hrs over the previous 2 days.

1 hr 36 minutes.   1 hr 36 minutes.  WOW- 1 hr 36 minutes.

Click here to watch: Rhett in trailer ready to head home                 

High fives and hugs all around and off Rhett and I went headed towards Atlanta.  Do you want to know about the 6 hr drive turned to nearly 8?  Of course, you do, you’re kinda fully vested at this point!

We left Murfreesboro TN about 2:30pm and within an hour, hit Chattanooga traffic and sat in rush hour traffic then stop and go, stop.   An ambulance with sirens and lights, a pack of motorcycle riders and a semi with a loose tarp whizzed by us on the Interstate.

By the time I got out of Chattanooga, all the anxiety of the day was beginning to let down and I was feeling secure in the fact that we were on our way home.  The anxiousness of the day had also caused me to realize I hadn’t tinkled since that morning. The Georgia Welcome Center was a welcome site.

I was in luck, the truck area was nearly empty. I’m still going to go down to the end where it’s quiet.  I let down the window with the bars still in place, gave him a cookie and ran inside.  I come out HEARING the loud sound of air brakes being released. From a FedX Truck.

Parked right next to Rhett in a near. empty. parking. lot. I hurried over and found Rhett, now introverted, unable to even take a cookie.  Way too much stress.  “Let’s just get home Rhett OK?”  He had nothing to say.

Texted friends to let them know I should be there by aabout 930pm.   They were coming over to help me unload and get him settled in a pasture by himself but right next to the other horses.

Fast forward to uneventful hauling from the Welcome Center in Ga to home.  Took 30 minutes to unstick his feet to unload him and that’s the last time I saw them still . Since it’s dark, I  walked around and showed him the fencelines.

I walked, he jigged the entire time!  I turned him loose and off he went, I couldn’t have caught him had I needed to (Learning and Language Lesson).  “Where am I? Where am I?” he kept saying while he was running and running and running.  “Where am I?” 

“You’re home Rhett, you’re HOME!”

This chapter of our story began “the ‘space’ between the conversations”.

Do you see your personal ‘lesson’ in this story so far?

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