Blog 21 The Art of Motivational Horsemanship – ‘Ask. Believe. Act. Receive. Preparing for Riding’

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Blog 21   Sept 28 2018

‘The Art of Motivational Horsemanship -‘Ask. Believe. Act. Receive.   Preparing for Riding’

It’s Ask.  Believe. Act. Receive.   NOT Ask, WORRY>DOUBT>FEAR, Receive.

In the last blog, I talked about “The Space Between The Notes” with the ‘notes’ being the ‘asks’ or ‘request’ in our relationship.   There is a fine Art to ‘asking’.

I discovered, experimented, experienced, and now teach, the skill of  ‘asking’.   Asking versus demanding can achieve so much more in all aspects of the relationship.




‘Asking’ begins the receiving process.

‘Asking’ is like pushing a button to jump-start your mental and emotional engine into action.

‘Ask’ with your intelligence and your inner wisdom.

‘Ask’ from your belief and faith. “Ask’ and embrace the experience of fully receiving.

When you learn the skill of ‘asking’, receiving becomes automatic…with gratitude.

Ask. Believe. Receive.   This is the ‘Law of Attraction’.  There is an Art to ‘asking’.


In Motivational Horsemanship, I practice an additional step.  I have four steps for receiving my dream intentions and achieving goals on my horsemanship journey.  This is what I teach.






Ask. Believe. Act. Receive.  


Ask – You must know what you want. I mean, really know what you want.  The Universe can’t deliver without first knowing what it is that you want manifested into your life.

Believe – You need to truly believe that what you are asking for will become yours. Doubts need to be pushed away.  The idea that failure is a possibility will mess up the delivery.

Act– Once you know what you want and have complete belief that you can achieve it, you automatically start taking action towards it without any hesitation or doubt.

Receive – It is important that you become an active player in reaching your goals.  When opportunity comes your way, you must not hesitate.  Grab the ‘brass ring’ when it appears.


If you can’t/don’t see the asking, believing, acting and receiving in this video of my herd coming in for dinner…it’s only because your eyes aren’t experienced yet!   2.5 min video of herd together.   Ask. Believe. Act. Receive.    


How does this relate to our horsemanship journey?

Humans are champions at ‘asking’.  Then non belief and doubt take over our thoughts.  Doubt is a lack of trust.  The ‘Trust Bank Account”  we have been making deposits  to,  is challenged when we don’t trust and ‘believe’.  If we don’t trust and believe in ourselves and our relationship with our horses, we can’t take actions in either’s best interest.

Trust and belief are the most important aspect of learning the Art of ‘asking and receiving’.  Our Inspiration and motivation for continuing to develop and progress on our journey comes from our authentic ‘asking and receiving’.

Once you know what you truly desire with your horse and you have complete belief that you can achieve it, automatically you start taking action towards it – without any hesitation or doubt.

When you know that you are doing the right things for your relationship with your horse AND your actions produce the desired outcome, knowingly or unknowingly you are in the ‘receiving’ mode.

You are now coming into ‘alignment’ with your authentic self, your goal and your thoughts, feelings, and action directed towards its manifestation.   It takes practice to learn how to allow the guidance from our horse “Ask. Believe. Act. Receive.   It is an Art.    (Learning, Language and Life Lesson)




The pattern for most humans is:  we are very good at ‘asking’ but then immediately start to question.  Question the ‘believe’.  Thoughts of negativity, worry, doubt and fear cloud our judgement of what our horses are showing us.   Rhett tagged me more than a dozen times in just our first month of ‘training’ of preparing for riding, with all the above thoughts and more!

The pattern for horses :   ‘Ask, Believe, Act, Receive’ is innate to them.  It’s how they live moment to moment.  Their teachings about this is ours if we learn to follow their lead and listen, observe and ask.  This is what they do in their everyday existence within the herd.   (Language Lessons)


Rhett said ‘Simply ask, believe, act and receive what I am showing and offering you.  It is the authentic way to feel, reach and experience your intentions and achieve your dreams.’


Whew.  What a way to start on this next chapter of our journey. I simply have to ‘ask’ for Rhett’s guidance in how we will prepare for Riding !

Perhaps I should say, ‘When we prepare to ride Rhett!’




Riding seemed such a distant goal and it hadn’t been done by anyone  successfully.  Several had tried, what made me think I’d be any different?   Three bareback pads had been attacked and ripped to shreds over the last year.  Ropes had been mauled by feet and kicked into the heavens.  Hands had been bitten and striking feet threatened.  I did believe in our dream.  I did believe in us.   I was open to receiving everything Rhett offered.


There were so many things at liberty and online over the course of a year leading up to my swinging a leg over Rhett’s back that we played with.  Little things I took for granted when working with any of my horses or my student’s horses.  How little?  Ropes anywhere near his body caused him to have to move his feet.  How am I going to ride without ropes?




How about hearing the  jingly buckles of a girth ?  This energy and noise would start Rhett’s mind whirling and feet moving as soon as he heard it removed from the tack room wall ! Just seeing a saddle or saddle pad would do the same. I was doing everything at liberty so he and I could remain autonomous.  Baby steps !!!





The mounting block brought up a whole new perspective of worried, scared and anger for Rhett.  Pair the mounting block with wearing the bareback pad and we had another emotional piece that caused anger.  It took well over a year, going on two, but with trust, belief, and reward based training, we were able to work our way towards toleration and then to acceptance.  One day, he would experience enjoyment from this experience.

1.5 minute video of Rhett at barn with bareback pad and mounting block. 

Weeks to months later after the bareback pad was no longer a trigger,  we started with the saddle pad and saddle.  It took months to get to the point in this video with lots of backward and forward steps.

4.5 minute video of Rhett’s saddling at the barn.  

Unknowingly to me, but guided by Rhett, I babystepped my way into the science of the emotions and how horses learn.  Specifically, how Rhett learned. It was the beginning of discovering and experimenting with what I call, the “Four Elements of Motivational Horsemanship”. (Learning and Language Lesson)

Playing and experimenting with the “Four Elements” allowed me to tailor our training specifically for that task in that moment.  This was huge for us both and our progress!

4.5 min video of Rhett’s 1st time in arena with mounting block. 

Rhett’s teachings of finding my authentic intentions around me being on his back, tested my trust and belief. But asking, believing and taking the action steps necessary, allowed me to receive the tools to free myself of worry and doubt about the outcome.  More importantly, what others may think.

Ask. Believe. Act. Receive.

JULY 3RD 2016, first actual Situpon !!  I know, I should have had a helmet on, but this was all spontaneous with Rhett’s guidance. Thank goodness for yoga and zumba for the play and exaggerated movements I was using with mounting prep.  2.5 minute video of this momentous moment !  

2 min video of Rhett right eye mounting July 3 2016

TADA!!   Our first full Situpon July 5 2016 !!  Rhett told me that I’d ‘receive’ this gift from him today and wanted I to be ready to receive which is why I had on a helmet  !!                        3.5 minute video of our first FULL, leg swinging, lots of scratching Situpon!!

This beautiful moment was the culmination of over two years of sweat and tears.  Starting as the teacher, and becoming the student!   Realizing that skills and technique were the smallest piece of the relationship.  Building that ‘trust bank account’  was full of taking steps back and steps forward. There were times of overwhelming feelings of vulnerability.

This accomplishment, this achievement, this attainment, was the consequence of being fully present and open to receive.  Receive everything.  Learning to listen to Rhett’s offerings, and ‘asking’ questions about the parts I didn’t understand and receiving his answers has been one of my favorite parts of our journey.  (Learning Lesson)

Learn to love the Art of asking, believing, acting and receiving.  It’s quite an amazing place to find ‘yourself’ in all your relationships!

Do you see your personal lesson(s) in this story?

Next:  “The Four Elements of Motivational Horsemanship”

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